Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back from the Holiday!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great thanksgiving! Sorry for the radio silence on our end, but we're back in business now!

We're gearing up to bring some really great stuff to the community over the next coming months... (Psst, have you seen the sneak peak for 4.0 yet?) So keep your eyes peeled!

Before I get started on the stuff, I wanted to bring your attention to Beautiful Grim. CA artist Daarken is doing a cancer fundraiser through an art auction. His girlfriend Cat was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and the auction will cover her medical bills and the rest donated to cancer research. Help out! Donate art, or buy some!

Here's some awesome stuff going down on CA right now!


Check out all the awesome steaming classes going on right now, including the fabulous Jon Foster coming up this saturday!

The Guild Wars II boys have updated their Finally Finished thread... Devour the pretty!

For a bit of randomness, CA artist TASmith has a thread to document him building his own house! Not art, maybe, but awesome!


Weekly Activities! Wee!

Creature of the Week #162 :: Holiday Dinner with the Harkonnens

Environment of the Week #127 :: Solstice Temple

Character of the Week #182 :: The Morrigan

Panels of the Week Challenge 35 :: Okaaaay...I'm (We're) Screwed...

Teen Challenge 75 :: Mascot Challenge - Epic Event!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Update!

Weekly update! Come check out what’s going on at ConceptArt.Org right now!

Andrewkim has posted a bunch of his work for Uncharted II in the Finally Finished Section. Check it out!

The awesome loveandasandsandwich is hosting a ConceptArt Secret Santa! Sign up runs until Nov 27th, so you better sign up soon! Art exchange for Christmas, what could be better?


ConceptArt Weeklies! We love them so!

Character of the Week #180 :: The Steampunk Harem

Environment of the Week #126 :: The Caravan

Creature of the Week #161 :: Merlin’s Familiar!

Industrial Design of the Week #117 :: Erotic Toy (18+ only please!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekly updates!

Hello Again! It’s been a week so we’ve gone searching for some new and interesting stuff for you! Check it out! Remember that you can always let us know if you find anything interesting you think would be worthy to share!


You do not want to miss Marshall Vandruff this weekend! He’ll be doing a lecture on Anatomy for Artists live on November 14th! Check it out here for more info:

Prostate Sunrise just updated his awesome thread in the Finally Finished Section, but you don’t want to miss the earlier stuff in here either! New Updates on page five!

Check out Ionic’s creepy Zombie Beauties:

Don’t miss William Whitaker’s Flesh Painting demo in the Fine Art section! NSFW

Check out Tran Nguyen's beautiful (and haunting) paintings here:


Weekly Activities! Check out what’s new and hopping this week:

Character of the Week and Industrial Design of the Week are having a cross over! The theme? Jousting in the Year 2706 AD!
Chow #179 ::
IDW #116 ::

Creature of the Week is still on round #160 :: Satyr Slayer. Check out the finals thread here!

Environment of the Week #125 :: ‘Sailing Into Harbour’

Panels of the Week is still on round #32/33/34 : Single Panel Funnies

Teen Challenge #74 : The Librarian is now Voting! Go here to take a look:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check out some of the awesome stuff going down at Conceptart.Org!

Hullo Boys and Girls! We've been browsing through the forums, and we thought you should check out what CAers have been posting in the Finally Finished Section :

November 1st was International Self Portrait Day! :

Jon Foster's Gorgeous Imagry :

Newborn's Grand Prize Winner Randis and his Epic Thread of Art Love:

Aly Fell's Hot Halloween Pin-Up's:

Andrew Jones has a Solo Show in San Francisco on Nov 7th! Check out his new work:

Hurricane's been Steampunkin' up some Star Wars :


ConceptArt Weekly Activities? Yes Please! Check Out what's going down this week!

Creature of the Week #160 : Satyr Slayer!

Character of the Week #178 : Hallowe'en Special, Universal Monsters!

Environment of the Week #124 : Kryztaliss Prison, Ice Planet

Industrial Design of the Week #115 : Duplicator - Sirius Cybernetic Corp.

Panels of the Week #32/33/34 : Single Panel Funnies

Teen Challenge #74 : The Librarian

Monday, November 2, 2009

Official Blog for ConceptArt.Org!

Hullo and welcome to Concept Art.Org's official blog!

Check back here for info about contests, activities, neat posts, art dumps, and plenty of fun stuff as we keep you updated on the day to day stuff for ConceptArt.Org.

Check back here for more to come!