Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekly updates!

Hello Again! It’s been a week so we’ve gone searching for some new and interesting stuff for you! Check it out! Remember that you can always let us know if you find anything interesting you think would be worthy to share!


You do not want to miss Marshall Vandruff this weekend! He’ll be doing a lecture on Anatomy for Artists live on November 14th! Check it out here for more info:

Prostate Sunrise just updated his awesome thread in the Finally Finished Section, but you don’t want to miss the earlier stuff in here either! New Updates on page five!

Check out Ionic’s creepy Zombie Beauties:

Don’t miss William Whitaker’s Flesh Painting demo in the Fine Art section! NSFW

Check out Tran Nguyen's beautiful (and haunting) paintings here:


Weekly Activities! Check out what’s new and hopping this week:

Character of the Week and Industrial Design of the Week are having a cross over! The theme? Jousting in the Year 2706 AD!
Chow #179 ::
IDW #116 ::

Creature of the Week is still on round #160 :: Satyr Slayer. Check out the finals thread here!

Environment of the Week #125 :: ‘Sailing Into Harbour’

Panels of the Week is still on round #32/33/34 : Single Panel Funnies

Teen Challenge #74 : The Librarian is now Voting! Go here to take a look:

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